Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Forum...or against 'em...

You will see if you peer to your right - and maybe scroll down a little - that I have linked to the Unofficial Conference South Fans Forum; a football forum I happen to be moderator for these days. It's a lively little place, and attracts fans from every club in the Conference South division, some represented better than others.

Having mentioned it to Jim, my Online Journalism lecturer, he seemed curious - particularly one afternoon when I was half-listening to him and half banning some schoolkid posting crap on there - and suggested I blog about it.

To sum it up - it's a tough job but someone's got to do it. And that's not in a sarcastic tone - it is literally a tough job (well most of the time it moderates itself but it can blow up due to the inflammatory nature of debate and disagreement between football fans) and someone does have to do it. Its originator is a Hayes supporter named Nick Bell and after 18 months in charge he got fed up of the inflammatory remarks, pre-school nature of some posters, and threats of legal action against him for stuff posted there, that he handed the reins over to me.

I decided to introduce register-only before posting to cut down on the number of anonymous rubbish that turned up during school breaktimes (coincidence, non?) and I do know of people who won't post on there due to some of the attitudes displayed on there. But by and large it is a fun, prosperous forum - with all shades of human life represented there. If you follow football, do check it out...


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