Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Pyramid Passion

Following on from the previous post on football 'groundhopping', just a quick word about the excellent 'Pyramid Passion' website, which goes into great detail about non-league football grounds up and down the country.

Run solely by Eastbourne Borough's website manager David Bauckham, it features a ground guide A-Z (well, A-Y as it happens) - from Abbey Hey to Yeading, if you will - which includes a full history of the grounds and the clubs that play their home games there, plus some superb photography. Elsewhere on the site, there is the slightly more anoraky sections on the minutiae of football grounds - signs, entrances, floodlights, rollers and mowers (!) and dugouts. The latter is a particular fetish of Mr Bauckham, who has written "the first ever book devoted entirely to the evolution and history of the dugout, featuring full colour photographs of over 70 Non League dugouts from England and Wales". For those of you veritably moist at the prospect (and let's face it, who isn't), you'll have to wait - it comes out in October.


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