Friday, March 17, 2006

Uni - Rathergate

As part of an ongoing peek into the world of news bloggers, I've been looking into the Dan Rather affair in the US, and how bloggers, directly or indirectly, ended the career of America's longest-serving TV news anchorman.

The Wikipedia entry on Dan Rather gives detailed biographical information on the veteran broadcaster - essentially the US's answer to Britain's Trevor McDonald or Michael Buerk - while the section on 'The Gillian Documents' briefly details how Rather - wittingly or unwittingly - ran a controversial story on George W. Bush's national service based on somewhat dodgy documents which were later believed to be faked.

Right-wing blogs, believing Rather and the CBS network to have left-wing sympathies, joined forces in forming anti-Rather blogs, and putting pressure on the newscaster to resign, or face the sack. These included...

- Powerline Blog
- Little Green Footballs

And three relevant blogs from Little Green Footballs...

Liberal journalists are from Mars…?
- Old pros tricked by blogs
- Bush praises blogosphere


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