Wednesday, March 29, 2006

O/T - A Wiki-bituary...

Off-topic this one, but intriguing. I discovered the other day that Wikipedia, the free-to-edit online encyclopedia, has a Wikinews section - again, free-to-write-and-edit - which has a bizarre and slightly macabre twist.

They have a free-to-edit 'prepared articles' section, about "events that have not occurred but that are expected to take place in the future". Included in this brief list are the future deaths of TWO US presidents - namely Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford - and the arrival of Bird Flu in the UK.

All news organisations have updated obituaries on just about everyone well known, for immediate use when that person dies, even when suddenly or very young. But to make these obituaries, and the 'pre-announcement' of their death, on a public website is quite bizarre indeed.

Wikipedia's 'prepared article' on the death of Jimmy Carter
Wikipedia's 'prepared article' on the death of Gerald Ford
Wikipedia's 'prepared article' on the arrival of Bird Flu in the UK

PLEASE NOTE! The articles linked above concern events that are YET to happen. Neither Jimmy Carter nor Gerald Ford are dead, and bird flu has NOT yet reached UK shores.


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